Welcome to Healing Mountain Massage!

I am currently practicing in Laramie and Centennial.

In Centennial I am located at the base of the Snowy Range Mountains, which is the perfect place to begin the path to balancing the body, mind, and spirit. In Laramie I am working out of Infinite Balance Yoga Studio located in downtown Laramie.

Healing Mountain Massage is dedicated to see each person as an individual. That being said, each session is truly unique and based on what each individual needs. I have fourteen years experience treating specific sports needs, chronic pain, post injury, post surgery, relaxing spa treatments, and energy work.

The passion of this wellness center is Thai Yoga Massage.

During a Thai Yoga Massage the receiver wears loose clothing and the techniques include: reflexology, acupressure, passive stretching, energy work, and aromatherapy. The aromatherapy is given through steamed herbal compresses which are pressed along the receiver’s body. These medicinal herbal packs include many different herbs and flowers that warm the body’s core leaving the client refreshed and rejuvenated.

Thai Massage can prevent injuries! Most injuries involve damage to muscle fibers, myofascia or tendons and are caused from the muscles being shortened from overuse, which instigates them not to work properly. Thai Massage works to lengthen muscles giving your body more flexibility and in return allows them to be functionally balanced. For muscles that are already injured Thai Massage speeds up healing and restores muscles to normal pain-free function. These benefits of Thai Yoga Massage will enhance the quality of life, because a flexible body is one of the keys to being pain free.




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