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About the Practitioners

Kathie Beasley CMT

Kathie's massage treatments offer a time to relax and rejuvenate without distractions.  As a certified massage therapist of 15 years, her knowledge of human anatomy and physiology help create a safe space for anyone wishing to add massage therapy or yoga to their health regime. Her massage treatments include Swedish, Hot Stone, Cupping Therapy, and DeepTissue.

Meditation and praynayama are foundations in her fun and engaging yoga classes. Modifications and support props are encouraged.  Her classes are Classical Hatha with hints of Kunadalini and Laughter yoga. She believes that in yoga, no effort is ever wasted and that a willing mind and heart are key to a nourishing yoga practice both on and off the yoga mat.  ‚Äč


Lily Comeau Chen CMT

Lily first discovered yoga in 2004 and it quickly became a part of her daily life. Since the very beginning of her practice she understood that there was no end to the knowledge hidden in this wonderful path.

Lily's curiosity and love for yoga brought her to her first yoga teacher training in 2006. She started teaching shortly after at the young age of 18.

Her desire to understand more about the human body, as well as her wish to help people on a path of wellness lead her to study Shiatsu. She received her first certification in Shiatsu therapy in 2007, followed by Level 2 certification in 2008,

Always looking to learn more and deepen herpractice, Lily pursued more yoga teacher trainings. In 2010 she received a 300 hour certification from the Satyam School of Hatha Yoga in Montreal, followed by a 90 hour Chakra and Meditation training that same year. In 2014 she traveled to Nepal to study yoga therapy with Swami Vishnuswaroop at the Divine Yoga Institute of Kathmandu, and received another 200 hour certification.

The years of dedication to study and practice have helped Lily develop a teaching style that is knowledgeable, well versed, generous and compassionate.


Lane Blake CMT

Lane is a certified massage therapist and a 2001 graduate of the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, with 1000 hours. She is also an Advanced Thai Practitioner with 210 hours of training received from The Denver School of Integrative Massage. After practicing Yoga for years and teaching a community Yoga class in Centennial for 7 years, Lane got her 200 hour Hatha Yoga Certification at Aura Wellness Center. 

Having practiced Massage for 18 years, Lane always dreamed of expanding her practice, Healing Mountain Massage, and bringing in other therapists. In 2015 she opened a Laramie Studio, with the goal of having a peaceful environment where like minded therapist could flourish in. Lane has hand selected therapists who she trusts will keep up the five star rating that Healing Mountain Massage has strived to keep.             

Her portfolio consists of a variety of modalities including: Swedish, Neuromuscular, Normalization of Soft Tissue,  Sports Massage, Thai Massage, Cupping therapy, Hot Stone, and yoga instructor. 

Lane's clients experience personal, professional, and unconditional support in the process of balancing the body, mind, and spirit.




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