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Massage Modalities

Serenity Massage

The primary goal of this luxurious massage is to relax and balance the entire body. A Swedish type massage, which also releases blocked energies from your body providing a peaceful balance to your mind and body. During this treatment warm steamed towels are placed on the body along with use of aromatherapy to bring clients to a deeper state of relaxation. This modality is helpful for stress relief, increasing circulation, calming the nervous system, relaxing superficial muscles, and reducing muscle fatigue.

60 min $65      90min $95

In-Depth Tissue Release (IDTR)

Our IDTR works by releasing the tissues of the body one layer at a time. After many years of practicing and studying different techniques, our therapists created an alternative to the standard Western Deep Tissue massage. This approach is more relaxing to receive and has longer results. The difference is combining Eastern Medicine's 2000 year approaches with Neuromuscular Massage, allowing for the gentle release and balance of the entire body systems. This modality works on the Muscular system, Skin and Fascia, Lymph system, Circulatory system, Nervous system, and the Energetic system.

Each session focuses on specific problem areas, resulting in pain reduction, increased range of motion, balanced energy, smoothing out adhesions, and improved muscle function. Techniques include; Myofacial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Dynamic and Stagnant Cupping, Gua Sha, Neuromuscular Therapy(Trigger Point Therapy), Muscle Energy Techniques, and Cross Fiber Friction.

60 min $75      90min   $105

Hot Stone Massage

Layers of tension melt away when nature and the art of massage are combined in the Hot Stone Massage. The stones are hand picked from the mountain rivers right here in Centennial and heated for an unforgettable experience.

60min   $75     90min   $105

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.


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